What Should Your Office Cleaning Checklist Include?

Office Cleaning Myrlte BeachOffice cleaning is an important aspect of every business. Keep in mind that a successful business is able to maintain a clean office environment for all the staff and employees. Plus, many studies have proven that a clean office environment makes employees more comfortable and, thus, more productive as well.


On the other hand, a business owner like you may be too busy to worry about the cleanliness of your office. Moreover, this should not be your sole responsibility. The entire company should conspire to keep your office clean and neat. To help you implement this, orient all employees with the following office cleaning checklist.


For the reception room or foyer


The foyer is what your clients see first and this is where you greet them. Thus, it is extremely important that the foyer is inviting to all as well as clean and neat. Here is a checklist that can help you keep this room clean.


  • Dust and sanitize all surfaces once every week
  • Vacuum once every day, preferably at the end of the day
  • For carpet flooring, steam clean the carpet once or twice every year
  • For hardwood flooring, treat and polish the flooring at least once every year to maintain its sheen and natural look
  • Empty trash bins every day
  • Clean both sides of all windows at least once every week
  • Remove cobwebs from corners and ceilings every day

For the restroom


This is another room that your clients will most likely visit. Thus, you need to make sure your bathrooms are clean and sanitized all the time. Considering this, it is highly recommended that bathrooms be cleaned every day with particular focus on hand basins, floors, urinals and toilet bowls.


In addition to this, here are other important office cleaning tasks for the bathroom:


  • Your bathroom should also have fresh and clean hand towels.
  • The bottle of hand sanitizer as well as the air freshener should also be refilled regularly.
  • Every surface including mirrors, light switches and hand driers should be wiped with a clean cloth to remove splashes of water and dust.
  • Empty all the waste bins inside the bathroom.

For the break room or pantry


Although not often visited by your clients, the break room or pantry is where your staff and employees prepare their meals or snacks. And because this is a food preparation area, it is highly important to keep this room clean and sanitized so as to repel pests from lurking around and infesting the room.


Here’s a helpful checklist that your employees and staff should follow to keep the break room or pantry clean all the time.


  • Wipe clean all surfaces particularly the areas where food is prepared every time after being used.
  • Sanitize all food preparation and cooking areas as well as the sinks.
  • Avoid placing leftover food in the refrigerator.
  • Always wipe tables and wash your utensils after eating.
  • Empty the waste bin on a daily basis.

Maintaining a clean office should not be the task of one individual. Even if you hire a professional office cleaning company, your staff should also work to keep the office environment clean and sanitized. Call My Obsession Cleaning today for more helpful cleaning checklists.


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