Astrological Reading on Daniel Miller’s Crossing Over

Kathy Y.

When you described the time period involved…e.g. when Dan started sliding down and when he crossed over…I had to look at the Sun’s transits because that’s the planet that usually triggers a progression of sorts.

So in doing that I discovered…as I suspected…that the part of his chart that was being affected ultimately was his rising sign…or the sign that rules the self and physical body. So when he became sick, the sun in Taurus was opposing his Ascendant (which is in Scorpio) and when he crossed over in early August, the sun was making it’s last square to his Ascendant for the year. These aspects weren’t exact at the time but I’ve always found that dramatic change happens when a planet enters the sign which eventually brings on the exact aspect.  So by the end of the 2nd week in May, his situation would’ve have been much clearer re how bad the struggle was and although hard to prove, around the end of the 2nd week in August, he would’ve come to terms with his transition. I remember you telling me that he had periods of improvement, which would have made sense in the latter part of June into the middle of July mainly as that time period would have created harmonizing energy for his entire being.

Overall re the Sun’s transits…the crisis began when it entered his house of health (also squaring or making a tense aspect to his Ascendant and also to his Neptune (his ruling planet)) and it ended when it first entered his house of higher spirituality after leaving his house of self transformation which also involves death but also rebirth. The aspect to his Ascendant affected his self-identity as well as his physical body. The aspect to his Neptune brought in other parts of his consciousness.

So as I see it his journey was triggered on the physical plane but that enabled him to transition into a higher spiritual plane later.

Having said the above…the Sun alone can’t trigger an event such as death. There has to be involvement from the outer or karmic planets.  To shorten this I’ll say that Saturn was starting to make a square to his ascendant when he crossed over and it was transiting his 9th house way before and including his death…the house of higher spiritual consciousness. And that’s exactly what happened. Because of this transit primarily, I believe  he was able to shift into a more advanced state of consciousness.

Uranus was and still is in Pisces and was making an exact conjunction to his birth Sun in Pisces until about the time he went into his downhill slide. I’ve often observed that when an outer/karmic planet leaves the orb of an exact aspect which is what Uranus did in early May, it often gives a kick before it leaves.  Uranus rules change among other things but primarily it’s change. So it’s my feeling that Uranus was behind the whole cycle.  And ultimately, when Uranus is in the same sign as a person’s sun sign, it means big changes for the person as a whole.  They come in sudden bursts but each is dramatic and ultimately pushes the person to grow in a way they need to.

Uranus was also conjuncting the bottom of his chart…the Nadir…which represents the home base for the person so whether he left this plane or not, his basic frame of reference was going thru’ major changes as well in a physical and psychological sense. And it was opposing his Midheaven in Virgo and starting to oppose his Pluto. The Midheaven tells the world who you are…it’s how you express yourself to the universe.  With Uranus basically challenging a change re all of that it would have been hard for him not to go thru’ a difficult time brought on by sudden change…so his purpose in life was changing or being challenged to change. The aspect to Pluto just kicked the whole transformation energy into gear even more.

Then comes Pluto…the planet of transformation. Transiting Pluto was making an exact square to his own natal Pluto and his natal Uranus indicating major transformation and breaking free of all of the old forms. In other words…death but rising from the ashes to become something totally new.

Aspects helping him to make the transition involve Saturn mainly as it was making a trine or harmony aspect to his own natal Saturn, Mars and North Node…Saturn is his structure, Mars is his passion/energy and the North Node represents the direction he was taking in this life…all of this points to starting a “new life”. And because the aspects here were trines, they made it easier to do that on some very important levels.

I think I’ve covered all the major influences. I remember you wondered why it was taking him so long to leave and also why he’d get better and then get worse again. Well…I think it was just the process which wasn’t easy. He needed to leave his body to start a new life on another plane but he was still wedded to this one.  He ultimately left because he had to and it was the right thing for him to do. His body was holding him back from serving a higher purpose in the universe.

One last thing is that those born under the sign of Pisces or who have that
sign predominantly in their charts often live a life of suffering.  They are learning compassion and are also ridding themselves of a lot of karmic stuff that can only be gotten rid of thru’ suffering.  So when they emerge from their cocoons as butterflies, they’ve really achieved a lot.

I know this is a lot of info and maybe reads like Greek to you but I did try to hone in on the main themes as much as possible.  I had to bring in the planets, signs and aspects or it would’ve been hard for me to connect the dots. So like I said at the beginning of this…write up what I’ve written however you see fit. And if you have any questions or need clarifications don’t hesitate to ask.